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UP Police Constable Exam Paper 2024 PDF Download with Answer Key

UP Police Constable Exam Paper 2024 PDF Download
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UP Police Constable Exam Paper 2024 PDF Download with Answer Key: Candidates who appeared for the UP Police Constable exam on February 17, 2024, can check the answer key here. The UP Police Answer Key 2024 February 17 consists of correct answers for all the 150 questions asked in the exam. However, candidates must note that the answers highlighted below are the unofficial answer keys prepared with the help of subject matter experts.

Authorities will be releasing the official UP Police Answer Key 2024 soon after the completion of the exam. Until the official key is released, candidates can make use of the unofficial key to determine the marks obtained in the exam. Uttar Pradesh Police Recruitment and Promotion Board has not confirmed the official date for the announcement of the answer key yet. Based on the previous year’s trends candidates can expect the answer key in the last week of February or the first week of March. 

S NoQuestionAnswer
1What is the full form of UPSSF?Uttar Pradesh Social Security Force
2Nivesh Mitra Mobile Application is an initiative of which of the following states in India?Uttar Pradesh
3Demonetisation is also known by which of the following names?Note Ban
4A parcel of land held under one tenure or one lease, engagement of grant is known as which of the following according to UP Revenue Code 2006?
5An attempt to obtain sensitive information such as username, password and credit card details etc for malicious reasons, by posing as a trustworthy source in E-Mail is called asPhishing
6‘Taka’ is the currency of which of the following countries?Bangladesh
7Which of the following statements is correct with regard to the collection of GST?GST is a comprehensive levy and collection on both goods and services at the same rate with the benefit of input tax credit or subtraction of value
8Which of the following ports is located in Kuchchh, Gujarat?Kandla Port
9Recently, Amit Shah has laid the foundation stone of the headquarters of NCDFI at which of the following places?Anand
10Which of the following awards is given to motivate Cooperative and Milk producer Companies to grow and to instil cooperative spirit?National Gopal Ratna Award
11The Union Cabinet has recently approved the Migration and Mobility Agreement between India and which of the following countries?Italy
12Recently, the Indian Navy’s Fast Attack Craft INS Kabra has arrived at which of the following places?Colombo, Srilanka
13Who among the following was the founder of the Khudai Khidmatgars?Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan
14Who among the following has inaugurated the Kochi-Lakshadweep Islands Submarine Optical Fibre Connection recently?Shri Narendra Modi 
15Which of the following is the largest water lagoon lake situated on the Eastern Coast of India?The Chilika Lake
16The White Light is composed of how many colours?Seven
17The Great Barrier Reef is located at the Coast of which of the following countries?Australia
18Who was the President of the Constituent Assembly of India in 1946?Dr. Rajendra Prasad
19The ‘Prayaga Prashasti’ had been composed by whom among the following in Sanskrit?Harishena
20The cultivation, growing and harvesting of grapes is known as which of the following?Viticulture
21The Bailadila hills look like the hump of an ox. This range of hills is situated in which of the following states of India?Chhattisgarh
22Sri Lanka is separated from India by a narrow channel of sea formed by which of the following?The Palk Strait and the Gulf of Mannar
23The Sonepur Cattle Fair is a cultural event held at which of the following states of India every year?Bihar
24World Book Day is celebrated on which of the following days of every year?April 23
25The Parts of which of the following states had evolved a local system of canal irrigation called Kulhs over four hundred years ago?Himachal Pradesh
26What is the highest post for the Census Organisation in India?Registrar General and Census Commissioner, India
27Kumarasambhavam is the literary work of which of the following writers?Mahakavi Kalidasa
28National Aluminium Company Limited (NALCO) is having its registered office at which of the following places?Bhubaneswar, Odisha
29The headquarters of the World Health Organisation is located at which of the following places?Geneva, Switzerland 
30The increase in the proportion population of a country who live in Urban Areas is known as which of the following?Urbanisation
31Bhadohi which is located in Uttar Pradesh is famous for which of the following art?Carpet Weaving
32Which is the following is the state tree of Uttar Pradesh?Ashoka
33Surha Taal is a famous sanctuary that also receives many migratory birds from Serbia and other colder regionsBallia
34Which of the following social media platforms is best suited for professional networking and job hunting?Linkedin
35Mathura is the birthplace of whom among the following is also known as Brij BhoomiLord Krishna
36Akbar’s mausoleum is located at which of the following places?Sikandara
37Which among the following well-known folk dance of Uttar Pradesh is performed during paddy and maize cultivation?Hurka Baul
38Banaras Hindu University was founded by Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya with cooperation of whom among the following?Dr. Annie Besant
Mathematics Answer Key
39Simplify 17.28 / x divided by 3.6 X 0.2 = 212
40What will replace the question marks (?) in the following equation 5072.19 + 368.312 +? = 9018.6813578.116
41Two numbers are in the ratio of 13:9 if their HCF is 13 then find the largest number169
42The salaries of Rohan and Sohan are in the ratio 2:3. If the salary of each is increased by 2000 the new ratio becomes 40:57. What is the Soham present salary?17,000
43In a certain school, 20% of students are below 10 years of age. The number of students above 10 years of age is 2/3 of the number of students of 10 years of age which is 48. What is the total number of students in the school?80
44A number when divided by 119 leaves 19 as the remainder, if it is divided by 17, it will leave a remainder 2
45A sum of money amounts to Rs 4460 after the 3 years and to Rs 6690 after 6 years on compound interest. find the approximate sum2,973
46Three partners P, Q, and R start a business. Twice Ps capital is equal to thrice Q’s capital and Q,s capital and Q,s capital is equal to dour times R,s capital. Out of a total profit of 27,500 at the end of the year R’s share is: 2500
47The average of six numbers is 3.75. The average of two fo them is 3.2, while the average of the other two is 3.55. What is the average of the remaining two numbers? 4.5
48An article is sold at a certain price by selling it at 2/3 of that price one loses 10%. find the gain per cent at the original price35%
49Find the 21st term of the sequence 26, 20, 14, 8, …….– 95
50The area of the circular field is 13.86 hectares. Find the cost of fencing it at the rate of 3.2 per meter4224
51Question Number 15C
52Question Number 16D
53Question Number 17A
54Question Number 18C
55Question Number 19B
56Question Number 20D
57Question Number 21B
58Question Number 22A
59Question Number 23D
60Question Number 24C
61Question Number 25A
62Question Number 26B
63Question Number 27D
64Question Number 28D
65Question Number 28A
66Question Number 30A
67Question Number 31A
68Question Number 32C
69Question Number 33A
70Question Number 34D
71Question Number 35C
72Question Number 36B
73Question Number 37B
74Question Number 38C
75Question Number 39C
76Question Number 40A
77Question Number 41B
78Question Number 42A
79Question Number 43C
80Question Number 44C
81Question Number 45A
82Question Number 46B
83Question Number 47B
84Question Number 48A
85Question Number 49C
86Question Number 50D
87Question Number 51B
88Question Number 52D
17 FEB 2024 EXAM PAPERClick Here

How can I Download UP Police Constable Exam Paper 2024 PDF?

Candidates can download UP Police Constable Exam Paper 2024 PDF from

UP Police Constable Exam Paper 2024 Download Link?

UP Police Constable Exam Paper 2024 Download Link available on

When will UP Police Constable Exam Paper 2024 Download Start?

UP Police Constable Exam Paper 2024 PDF Download Start on 17 Feb 2024

When will UP Police Constable Answer Key 2024 Out?

UP Police Constable Answer Key 2024 Out on Feb 2024.

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